ColorBuds Review

A brief review of a pair of "truly wireless" earbuds.

Truly Wireless

This term is descriptive but strikes me as a placeholder until this technology matures. At any rate, it means earbuds that don't have wires: no wire to the playback device, and no wire from one ear to the other.

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These were on sale on Amazon and my old pair was not great quality so I bought these. They had good reviews and after using them regularly for about a month I have to agree with most of the selling points. Sound is fine, battery life is better than expected, and having a USB-C port in the charging case is nice.

The construction seems solid. My cat has knocked them off the kitchen counter 3 times and they're still working.

The thing I dislike most about them is they seem to seal too tightly. At low volumes I can hear too much of my own bodily noises (like my pulse) coming through. I thought this might have to do with the silicone inserts, but after trying different types it seems to have more to do with the earbud itself.

I'm not sure what to call this phenomenon, but I suspect I'm particularly sensitive to it because I tend to notice sounds that other people don't.