Professional Experience

Indiana University Intelligent Systems Engineering

Systems Engineer (2021-02-22 – present)

  • Led a small team researching deep learning for embedded system security
  • Ran customized open-source SaaS container infrastructure serving hundreds of concurrent users
  • Built and maintained multi-user, high performance compute and accelerator cluster hardware
  • Developed on-premises datacenter infrastructure including power delivery and monitoring
  • Compiled data and reports for ABET accreditation to establish a new engineering program
  • Taught engineering courses (Computer Architecture, C, Python, Operating Systems, Networks)

Senior Electronics Engineer (2016-07-01 – 2021-02-22)

  • Built and maintained datacenter cluster, server, power, and switch hardware
  • Built 64-node FPGA cluster for high performance networks and graph analytics
  • Merged 8-GPU cluster with 16-node CPU/FPGA cluster for hardware accelerated networking
  • Developed hardware-accelerated distributed edge computing prototypes and publications

Indiana University Psychological and Brain Sciences

Electronics Engineer (2014-03-03 – 2016-06-30)

  • Specified and implemented custom hardware and software for embedded devices for researchers
  • Developed MRI-safe touch screen technology (result: US Patent 10820839B2)
  • Created novel sensors for research including skin response, eye tracking systems, and brain-computer interfaces
  • Developed combined electronics, carpentry, and machine shop containing CNC mills, lathes, saws, and PCB fabrication services


Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems Engineering

Indiana University (2018-08-20 – 2023-12-15). Computer Engineering concentration, Computer Science minor. Dissertation: Deep Learning for Obfuscated Code Analysis.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering


  • focus: deep learning, software engineering, open-source project management, data analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision, compilers
  • tools: Python, C, C++, JavaScript, J, Bash, Linux, Git Docker, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Vivado, Cadence Innovus, PostgreSQL
  • dabble in: K, Racket, Elm, emacs lisp, assembly, MATLAB, LaTeX


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  • "Thinking in Array Languages" on Software Unscripted. Interviewed by Richard Feldman, July 8 2023.

Open Source Contributions

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