Professional Experience

Indiana University Intelligent Systems Engineering

Systems Engineer (2016-07-01 – present)

  • Developed machine learning framework for C standard library analysis
  • Managed RHEL and Ubuntu Virtual Machines (VMs) and Docker containers for autograder software-as-a-service (SaaS), serving hundreds of concurrent students across multiple courses in 2 departments
  • Built and maintained cluster, server, power, and switch infrastructure in a data center
  • Built 64-node Xilinx FPGA cluster with 40G network interconnects for high performance graph analytics
  • Merged 8-GPU cluster with 16-node CPU/FPGA cluster for hardware accelerated networking applications
  • Created curriculum and taught hundreds of students per year across 5 required courses and 1 elective
  • Enabled ABET accreditation by compiling and reporting multi-year data across all courses

Indiana University Psychological and Brain Sciences

Electronics Engineer (2014-03-03 – 2016-06-30)

  • Developed novel MRI-safe touch screen technology resulting in US Patent 10820839B2
  • Created novel sensor devices for research: galvanic skin response tracking, eye tracking systems, brain-computer interfaces, haptic pressure sensing surfaces
  • Developed MRI-safe input devices and data acquisition interfaces
  • Designed microcontroller-based data acquisition devices with nanosecond resolution and hard-real time constraints (firmware written in C++), interfacing with commodity operating systems (Apple OSX, Windows)
  • Reconfigured extra space into combined electronics, woodworking, and machining shop with CNC mills, lathes, saws, PCB fabrication


Indiana University Intelligent Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering PhD (2018-08-20 – present). Machine learning for obfuscated binary code analysis. Anticipated completion date: 2023-12-04.

Purdue University (IUPUI campus), BSEE (2010-05-11 – 2013-12-16). Electrical and Computer Engineering.



Electronic tablet for use in MRI. WO US CA US10820839B2, Indiana University of Research and Technology Corporation (2020).

This patent describes a system for recording visually guided motor activity using a touch-screen device within the bore of an fMRI machine while it conducts a brain scan. The device measures handwriting's impact on early brain development, described in detail here.

Teaching Experience at Indiana University

Engineering Computing Architecture E110 (2018 – present) primary instructor

Engineering Networks E318/E518 (2016 – present) co-instructor

Engineering Operating Systems E319/E519 (2016 – 2021) curriculum development

Engineering Ethics and Professionalism E299 (2019 – present) primary instructor

Software Systems Engineering E111 (2019 – 2021) co-instructor

Innovation and Design E101 (2016 – 2018) co-instructor

Python for Engineers E399/599 (2020 – present) primary instructor (elective)

Open Source Software

HDL Online (web application). Source Code.

Personal website. Source Code.

Advent of Code 2022 in K. Source Code.