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evil-mode first impressions


In which a long-time Vim user tries Emacs for the third time.

As someone who is very invested in the Vim experience (muscle memory well-established, .vimrc tweaked to the nines, some rudimentary plugins written), it might seem weird to be attempting to switch to Emacs. But like many I'm seduced by its power, especially for working in an interpreted language like J. Getting Vim to do interactive things normally done with shells and subprocesses is an uphill battle. Granted, some very clever folks make it work, but it's not a natural fit.

Some things I learned while attempting to recreate my old keybindings:

Still working out details of syntax highlighting, and getting used to emacs' finer granularity when it comes to where and how behaviors kick in, but I think there's a good chance that the third time will be the charm.