Enterprise Firmware

This is a new term I've coined to describe what I do to professionals in related fields. To someone on the outside it probably sounds like meaningless jargon, but to me it is completely descriptive and succinct. So, let's break it down into smaller, easier to digest components.


This is the more straightforward of the two terms. Somewhere between hardware and software, this is most often the code loaded onto a microcontroller in an embedded system. It tends to be harder to change than software.


Incidentally related to businesses or big organizations, this term implies an institution large enough to need (and afford) custom solutions to its problems. Generally enterprise-y things are usually developed in-house and not offered to the public. More pertinent to this post is that for someone working on an enterprise product, your customers are often your co-workers. The feedback loop is tighter, but the deadlines often aren't.

Enterprise Firmware: embedded systems for co-workers and colleagues. Not a bad gig, if I do say so myself.