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webapps without web servers


Chromebook-native text editor currently under active development (source, demo).


How far, and which direction (relative to North being 'up') to the largest anatomically correct limestone brain in existence (source, demo).

GitHub Colors Live

GitHub languages and their colors (source, demo).

embedded systems: things you can kick!


programmable keyboard-like user response device with sub-millisecond accuracy

A graduate student needed something with 4 "normal" buttons and a "home" button with sub-millisecond timing resolution. The "home" button is my favorite part. It is a screw head attached to a capacitive-sensing pin on a Teensy LC, with a library to make it behave like a pushbutton switch (source).

The Skinny

measures and records skin conductance levels

Myself and another engineer built 30 of these for an honors-level Psychology course at Indiana University. The device records skin conductance between 2 electrodes and logs the data to a micro SD card. Students devised their own experiments around the device, and presented their results at the end of the course. Experiment topics ranged from "watch a scary movie" to "listen to your favorite music".