Refactoring Hardware vs Software

Because software is so “soft”, making changes to its source code representation (while preserving functionality) much more common than making similar changes in hardware. This process even has its own jargon - refactoring - which, like a mathematical factorization, implies...

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Text Editor Shenanigans

Ever since I got over the initial learning curve of Vim, I’ve been one of those loonies who volunteers opinions about text editors. Mostly friends, sometimes family. Generally strangers via the internet. If you’ve read internet message boards or blogs...

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Evil Mode First Impressions

In which a long-time Vim user tries Emacs for the third time.

As someone who is very invested in the Vim experience (muscle memory well-established, .vimrc tweaked to the nines, some rudimentary plugins written), it might seem weird to...

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Synchronized Devices

Instrumentation for psychological experiments can be simple or complex. It can be as simple as a pencil-and-paper survey, or as complex as an fMRI outfitted with custom electronics. The researchers I work with generally want something on the complex side....

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Enterprise Firmware

This is a new term I’ve coined to describe what I do to professionals in related fields. To someone on the outside it probably sounds like meaningless jargon, but to me it is completely descriptive and succinct.

So, let’s break...

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Discomfort Zone

I was a smart kid. At least, I always thought so, until middle school. I found myself in the “advanced” math class, totally dumbfounded by the concept of negative numbers. This was the first time understanding something in school wasn’t...

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Today’s post is about my computer. I use a Chromebook, quite possibly in ways the manufacturer did not intend. From a distance the marketing for these things seems to imply “browser with attached keyboard”. However, there is enough...

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Optimistic Engineering

This is a blog, so it’s time for a rant. Now, I’m not incensed enough about this to re-enable my CAPS LOCK key, but it’s still pretty bad. What I want to rant about today is the stereotypical pessimistic engineer.

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Origin Story

Much of my non-compulsory reading during my formative years was comic books. So I am a fan of the origin story.

Although it was unknown to me at the time, one book started my journey toward becoming an electrical...

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